Constant movement and systematic change of position is the optimal habit at work. That’s why it’s worth changing the way you sit at work, e.g. put the inflatable disc under your back, neck and bottom every hour. Change habits when being at home, use a gym-ball or kneeling chair.
Try to use also alarms on your phone to remind you every hour of the question - do I want to be in the position I am in now? If not, change it.


We also invite you to fill in the short quiz:
What kind of movement do I need to maintain high levels of well-being?

1. How many times per week do you exercise for at least 20 minutes? (jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, <60 to 70% HRmax>)


2. How many times per week do you exercise intensively for at least 15 minutes? (running fast, gym, cycling or swimming fast, intensive dancing, <70 to 80% HRmax>)


3. How many times per week do you stretch? (stretching, healthy spine classes, pilates, yoga)?


4. How many hours daily do you stay in a static position? (with a computer or standing in order to do your job)


5. To what extent do your job and daily chores cause pain or discomfort?


A moment for workout at workplace

Don't sit like a turtle

Move whenever you can 😉

Ergonomic armchair