The Good Mood Team specializes in treating those whose work is unergonomic. We accomplish our mission by organizing physiotherapeutic consultations at the workplace, massage for employees and non-impacting Good move, relax classes. In this way, we contribute to:

  • addressing the causes of overloads, including by functional examination
  • eliminating the effects of working behind a desk by relaxing the body and mind
  • building well-being and long-term strength


Comprehensive research* conducted among workers shows that those who work in a sitting position, experience the onset of pain more quickly than those who work in manufacturing. Moreover, office work predisposes an individual to incorrect posture of the spine, as well as to limited range of motion, to a much greater extent than manufacturing work. Office workers also experience significantly greater mental stress than those in manufacturing.


* The research was carried out in 2016 and published as a PhD thesis.

For who are we working for?

People overloaded with function in a sitting position are increasingly common in our doctors’ offices. Movement is an indispensable form of prophylaxis and therapy, but if it’s done incorrectly, it can intensify the discomfort. Hence our classes are conducted by properly trained physiotherapists.

During trainings, we focus primarily on...

  • breathing techniques that relax the whole body and the central nervous system (they are woven into stretching among others),
  • exercises of neuromuscular coordination which affect the improvement of body posture and movement patterns (rollers among others),
  • the possibility of physiotherapeutic diagnosis in people who have pain.

A short consultation, before or after group classes, provides an indication of how to correctly do exercises in order to improve your posture and well-being. A consultation supported by the interview and tests allows us to assess, in turn, whether the origin of the ailment is related to improper posture, injury and whether it may require further consultation with a specialist.

Open Day / Demonstration training

If you are interested in organising an Open Day or a demonstration training session in your workplace, please leave your details and we well contact with you. Our insightful and carefully organised Open Day includes the possibility of having a physiotherapy consultation, massage and taking part in training.

Your data is protected and will not be used for other purposes.

Experience and trainers

Classes are conducted by physiotherapists with whom the participants can consult regarding indications and contraindications for particular exercises before the class begins. Classes are conducted in both Polish and English.


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