Physiotherapeutic consultations of the musculoskeletal system

There is also the possibility of an individual consultation supported by an interview and tests (duration: 40-55 min.). It allows to determine whether the origin of the ailment is related to the wrong posture, injury and whether it requires consultation of a doctor of a given specialization. The cost of one consultation is PLN 150 (if there are at least two or is before or after training). It is performed by dr Paweł Cyrek or mgr Marlena Flasza.

We also invite you to the Workshops with body and mind, which are aimed at improving the employee's well-being through:

  • care for lifestyle (breathing, regularity, metabolism)
  • correction of movement habits and posture
  • increase of employees' strength and motivation


Training program:

1. Good shape and well-being in the perspective of many years of life:

=> physiological and relaxing breathing techniques (practice - exercises)

=> better active than static - which movement is the best?

=> metabolism, energy for life and basic deficiencies in the nutrition (diagnosis)=> improving good mood by 12 ways to increase serotonin (diagnosis & tips)


2. Correction of movement habits and posture

=> why a gym is not enough?

=> how to make muscles work together? (practice)

=> optimal work positions - how to achieve them? (practice)


3. Increased strength and motivation

=> what gives you life? where to get energy and motivation? (diagnosis and practice)

=> psycho-physical balance (diagnosis)

=> learning to concentrate and ways to reduce the noise of a busy mind (practice)


The above three blocks. Workshops with body and mind are conducted for two days (2 to 3 hours each). The course is accredited by the VCC Foundation system recognized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, which enables 80% co-financing from PARP.

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